■ Buffet Plan - Cooking 12 items 120 minutes with all you can drink ~ 6000 yen per person

6000 yen

Delicious buffet cuisine by authentic chef ♪ Ideal for large banquets, parties and business situations.Please enjoy the contents that you have been doing in the hotel and the conference room so far at our convenient location for dissolution of the Sendai station's best location / group! Our service, which has done numerous parties · catering a lot, is the service!


【6000 yen per person for 120 minutes with all you can drink】

· Seasonal white fish carpaccio Yuzu dressing

· Caesar salad with bacon and grilled vegetables

· Italian raw ham and salam, assorted cheese in the world

· Simmered chili sauce with shrimp and green vegetables

· Fish & chips homemade tartar sauce

· The fragrance of Peraferino Bottarga of shrimp and cabbage

· Cook sauce with seasonal vegetables with charcoal grilling

· Varpur of seasoned fish and coloring vegetables

· Roti of Spanish Iberian pig

· Roast beef Japanese style sauce

· Assorted sashimi with Sanriku fresh fish

· Assorted seasonal fruits


【· · · ★ · · Special benefits · · · · · ·]

· For secretary like 1 person is free for over 50 people!

· Venue fee FREE!

· Free of charge before preschool.

· Elementary school student half price!

· Two microphones service

· BGM can be brought in

Screen equipped

· Projector available

· TV monitor is equipped

· DVD possession available

· All course 120 minutes with all you can drink (draft beer, sparkling wine, sangria etc.)

· All optional equipment is free!

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